Psychological Safety Leads To Highest Levels Of Effectiveness?

Google did a two year study to examine what makes an effective team.  The answer, psychological safety.

In Part 1 of this two part video series, Boysen Hodges, Communications Director of the Mankind Project shares his story of how derogatory names directed at his sexuality led him to quit singing on stage because it felt safer as a young man to not share that part of himself anymore.  In other words, it didn't feel psychologically safe for Boysen to continue singing.

In addition to abandoning his singing, he mentions that there are personal costs to the old paradigm of masculinity which can include men dying earlier, depression, alcoholism, domestic violence and more.  He also says that many men have no idea what psychological safety is or that it even exists.

If psychological safety is necessary for reaching the highest levels of success, then the fact that many men (and likely women too) don't have any idea of what psychological safety is leads to more risk that lack of it is keeping your team from reaching it's full potential.

In this two part video series, Boysen shares his story, addresses where men can go to learn more about psychological safety and to develop tools for listening, processing hard emotions and working through conflict in the world.  

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